Lillypots Weaning Pan Review

Lillypots… at little surprise!!!

lillypots pan

Here at Baby-a we were lucky enough to test Lillypots a new product to help with the weaning process. Lillypots is a pan with three compartments for heating frozen purées. We liked the look of the pan and were happy to be chosen for Ronnie to give us his verdict!


Lillypots was created by dad Tam Rodwell when …”Tam realised fairly quickly that there wasn’t any product on the market that could defrost and heat these tiny portions of food separately whilst not compromising the nutritional value and avoiding the use of plastics.”


With this in mind we set about using the pan. On first inspection we were surprised at how light and slim it was. There were three little indentations which reminded us of a poached egg pan! It fitted nicely over our sauce pan without any gaps or wobbling. We filled the pan as instructed with hot water from the kettle and put the Lillypot on top, popped on our frozen purées and let them warm through on the stove.


It was good to have the option to give Ronnie a mixture of veg and it didn’t seem too long for the food to heat… so much so that we used it without further boiling. With also having Sydney running about we found that filling the saucepan with boiled water from the kettle was enough, that way other food could be prepared and served for the the rest of the family without the risk of a boiling pan being left.


When comparing Sydney and Ronnie when weaning we found that Sydney took really well to puréed food, he used to open his mouth to most things and he was a really easy baby to wean. With Ronnie we have had a completely different experience. He quickly became bored with purées and constantly wanted to eat food out of his hands, it seemed like we had a baby led weaner. We gave him cooked veg and pieces of fruit to hold and he took to it really well.


We found that he loved egg and when thinking of different ways to serve it that is when the Lillypot came back into play . Thinking of poached eggs we managed to cook mini omelettes! \They were perfect for Ronnie as they were tasty and the right size for him to nibble on.


We filled the saucepan with boiling water, popped on the Lillypot, put a little butter in then poured in a mixture of cheese and egg. We let the pan boil a little and in no time at all the mini omelettes were cooked. We scooped them out ,let them cool and served them to Ronnie. He was very excited and tucked in …they were at hit!


The Lillypot certainly was a surprise for us ,with Ronnie giving up on purée we felt that we had come to the end of he road but it was nice to be able to use it for a different type of weaning with the perfect portion sizes.


Thank you Lillypots for letting us test your product. We think it is a marvelous idea and a great way to warm food for all of those hungry babies out there!

You can find more about Lillypots at

Twitter @tamspans 

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Organic Babies Soothing Baby Oil – Scent Free



Here at baby -a we are big fans of natural, organic products and  Green People never fail in producing beautiful products. We have been lucky enough to have had the pleasure in sampling some of their products in the past and the latest product we have been testing is their Organic babies soothing baby oil.

We have been using it on Ronnie for a couple of months and we can honestly say that it has been lovely to use. Ronnie has enjoyed a massage with the oil after his bath, resulting in a relaxed baby ready for bed! There is no harsh overpowering smell that some oils may give off -as it is scent free and it glides over the skin, reinforcing the fact that there are no nasties. We especially like the pump action bottle as it dispenses the baby oil seamlessly without the risk of spillages or mess.

The baby oil is good for babies with sensitive skin and was great for soothing Ronnie’s dry scalp, it really helped prevent cradle cap from developing.ronsleep

A beautiful blend of natural oils to gently nourish and embrace the purity of your baby’s skin.
This fragrance-free baby oil softens and soothes babies with very sensitive skin
May also be suitable for those prone to eczema and psoriasis” (

This oil is something we will be purchasing in the future and it definitely gets the baby-a seal of approval.

Thank you to the Green People for giving us the opportunity again to sample another part your amazing range!!

For more information and to look at their range check out




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Happy New Year!!

20131224_104036 Happy new year to all!! Here at baby-a we have had such a busy year, it has gone by in a blink. With moving house and having our beautiful baby boy Ronnie, life is rocketing by. Sydney keeps us busy and for him it has been a big learning year, with lots of change… new house, new brother, new nursery, no nappies and losing Mr doggy!! He discovered Santa this year the whole magic of Christmas. Day by day he is maturing, learning, growing and keeping mummy and daddy right! Ronnie, now 4 months is amazing, he is so quiet and smiley, taking it all in and keeping a watchful eye on Sydney. He puts up with being pulled and poked and being covered in stickiness, it seems that Sydney can do whatever he wants and it very rarely bothers him. It’s like he knows.. inbuilt brother code!!

We have still got a lot of reviews to feature and we have enjoyed working with some great companies and products and we thank you all. This year we hope to add some videos and work on keeping our pages updated and fresh.


ronron (2)

bikesyd (2)










Looking forward to sharing…enjoy ; )


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Little Bird Told Me Baby on Board Sign Review

We were very happy to receive a Baby on Board sign to review from the folks at The Little Bird Told Me who have a website where you can buy baby and toddler items. We especially love their range of Baby Play Mats and Play Gyms

Little Bird Told Me consists of a team of nursery specialists who are dedicated to making the world of little people and grown-ups that little bit more special. The product ranges offer an exceptional choice of developmental activity toys, innovative infant rocking animals & horses and nursery accessories, all of which are presented in beautiful eco-friendly gift style packaging.

We received the Baby Bear on board sign, they have two Baby on Board signs available Softly Snail and Baby Bear.


The sign is of good quality, it measures 24 x 15 x 6 cms and it is hand washable. The fact it is made from fabric instead of plastic is lovely .
It is eye catching and does the most important thing, in that it alerts other motorists that there is a baby in the car. It has a rubberised suction cap and is easily secured to your car window.
You can also buy their products from stockists and there is a list of these on their website.
It costs £7 and would make an ideal gift for new parents. I would recommend the Baby Bear sign to any one looking to buy one.The Little Bird Told Me also use eco-friendly gift product packaging :)
Little Bird Told Me are on Facebook
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Snugglebundl Review

snugWe were very fortunate to be able to test and review a really ingenious product to help parents with their new babies.

Snugglebundl proudly present the world’s first baby lifting wrap blanket. This beautiful multi-award winning baby product has so many incredible uses. The soft, strong handles on this wearable hooded blanket let you lift and lay your baby so gently that they’ll stay sleeping; even lifting babies in and out of car seats, prams and pushchairs without waking them is so easy. Snugglebundl is amazing help for lifting baby after c section and can really help post birth recovery time too.

Ronnie is six weeks old now and we have used the Snugglebundl from the day he was born in hospital. It has been in and out of the wash and has been used every day.

It was so lovely dressing Ronnie for the first time and placing him into a very cosy, secure blanket. It was great for transferring Ronnie to the car seat for his first journey home. One of the features that we particularly liked was the padded head support which really seemed to comfort him.snugcar

We have used the Snugglebundl non stop for different purposes. It has been particularly useful in his pram where he has been sleeping soundly. It has been great for breast feeding when out and about as it aids comfort and discretion. On one occasion Sydney gave the game away by asking nice and loud… “Is Ronnie feeding from your boobie mummy?”… So my cover was well and truly blown!!

We have gained experience in knowing  that when it comes to looking after babies that there are certain ‘must have’ items and others that you buy but don’t actually use. For us (especially mummy) we feel that it falls in to a ‘must have’ item and we can’t recommend it highly enough.

The new challenge for us at present is getting to grips with looking after two children with very different needs. For days when mummy or daddy are alone with the little ones and juggling their demands, the Snugglebundl has really helped. For instance  we can’t take our eyes off Sydney at the moment as he can be quite rough with Ronnie. For all that he loves him he can’t be trusted, as the minute our backs are turned he tries to pick Ronnie up or pat him on the head or poke him in the eyes etc(Poor Ronnie!!!!)… for those reasons we keep the pram up, have a bouncer chair and have the car seat in different areas of the house and the Snugglebundl has been great for transferring Ronnie without disturbing him. It also gives a little extra protection from a sticky boisterous three year old’s hands!

snugliftLife is a little crazy and it is certainly going by in a blink, so to have a small product that does a lot makes a big difference. We feel that anything helps make life easier when caring for children is a Baby-A winner!!!

Thank you Snugglbundl for introducing us to a blanket that we couldn’t be without!

For more information on Snugglebundl and more about Kids One Stop Shop visit;

 Kids One Stop Shop Snugglebundl


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Plum Baby Little Foodies Review

Baby Plum!!

Baby Plum!!

Sydney was a big fan of Plum Organics back in his baby weaning days. The little pouches were a life saver when we were out and about. He was always quite happy to eat them cold which made things so much easier.

We were really happy to be given the chance to review Plum’s new range of ‘Little Foodies’ toddler meals and we were looking forward to seeing what Sydney thought of them now he had an older, more experienced food palette!

Plum promote the little foodies meals as being…

“Our Little Foodies meals are full of exciting flavours, and are carefully crafted to encourage little ones to love their food. They come in convenient, easy-to-serve dishes to encourage toddlers to feed themselves, and the chunky texture (including chewy bits like whole raisins and peas) will help them develop the jaw and tongue muscles they need for language development.” (

We were sent four meals to try

Jamaican Jerk Mango & Chicken with Wholegrain Ricelittle3

Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Apricots & Bulgur Wheat,

Italian Ragu with Tomato, Beef and Ditalini Pasta

Vegetable Biryani with Wholegrain Rice

Sydney had a lot of eating and tasting to do and with all of  the wonderful tasting flavours to experience… what did he think..?

The first meal he picked to try was the Jamaican Jerk Mango & Chicken with Wholegrain Rice, on opening it , it did seem quite mushy so we were unsure as to whether Sydney would go through with eating it. He did his usual trick of smelling it first then proceeded with a large mouthful, eyebrows raised he carried on eating. He only left a little bit but he thoroughly enjoyed it.

As the week went on, he was excited to pick his meals. The Ragu was a hit he really enjoyed it and it was good to have different texturesliitle1little and flavours. The Biryani and Lamb Tagine both were greeted with enthusiasm but he was a little put off by the chick peas, they were a little hard and he kept spitting them out. I picked some out and mashed the others and this seemed to help.

In conclusion we feel that Plum still have that great attention to detail in putting interesting and appealing ingredients together that work. Sydney enjoyed them, however we just wish they had been out for when Sydney was a little younger, as being nearly three years old he is borderline too old for them.

Nevertheless we have a baby due next month so they will be definitely something that we would buy in the future.

Thank you Plum organics for providing Sydney with a tasty set of meals.



For more information on Plum Organics check out:

Plum Baby ,







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B Organic skincare review


Here at Baby-A we were happy to receive some beautiful products from B Organic. We support natural organic products as we think it is really important especially for babies and children. Sydney is now almost three and it has been amazing to discover that amongst big brand products, that there is a whole world of natural products and from our experience we have found they always come out on top.

B Organic make all of their products using certified organic ingredients and they contain no Parabens, Propylene Glycol, silicone, SlS, SLES, Sulphates and no artificial colours. B Organic was created by Aycin Wateridge ;

My range was created for my daughter. From birth she has suffered from dermatitis and eczema…

… I found the best organic ingredients and teamed up with people in the industry that could help me to create the best products to help with my daughter’s skin condition. None of the harsh chemicals that are currently used to create bubbles and preserve the product to make it last longer on the shelf were used in any of my products as these are the key irritants to the skin.”

We put to the test two products from the B Organic range; Baby & Kids Lavender Body Lotion and Baby & Kids Soothing Body & Bottom Balm with Lavender & Chamomile.

Baby and Kids Lavender Body Lotionborglot

The body lotion was nicely packaged with a pump action dispenser, which was great for applying onto the skin as there was less mess than a squeezable bottle. The lotion it’s self was very light and spread wonderfully on the skin, it also had a very mild smell with just a hint of lavender so it wasn’t too overpowering. We instantly liked this product as it was great as an all over body lotion, ideal for putting on Sydney after his bedtime bath. Sydney’s main dry areas are his arms so it was lovely to have a good even coverage over his affected areas.

After a couple of weeks of use we found that Sydney’s skin was becoming more irritated than usual and we really couldn’t understand as the lotion had nothing in it that would harm him. It wasn’t until I noticed that my skin was also bad, the eczema on the back of my legs flared up and felt itchy. Puzzled… the penny dropped…we had changed our washing powder and it became obvious that it was the powder causing the problem. We reverted back to our original detergent and persevered with the lotion every night before bed and sure enough Sydney’s skin dramatically improved. His arms became a lot softer and the dryness turned in to beautiful moisturised arms. It proved to us that chemicals and skin do not mix and we were grateful for B Organic’s products to help Sydney and Mummy’s skin recover from the harsh washing powder!!

borgbalmBaby & Kids Soothing Body & Bottom Balm with Lavender & Chamomile

The balm came in a pot again nicely packaged and on opening smelt beautiful. The texture was thick and a little grainy but once applied on to the skin the grains disappeared and glided on leaving a luxurious oily moisturised feel. We found that only a small amount was needed, even though it was thick it spread really evenly.

We used this product as a bottom balm on Sydney and for targeting dry skin patches. We used it along side the body lotion after bath time and we applied it on the tops of Sydney’s arms. It was great as a rescue balm in adding extra mositure and reviving the skin. Sydney loved this little pot of balm he liked sticking his fingers in it and applying it on himself!

B Organic now have a large range of products for adults as well as babies and children online. We will be happy to use them on our new baby when he arrives in August as they are all very safe, natural and Organic!!

Thank you B Organic for affirming the fact that natural is indeed best!


For more information check out;

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Milo et Mimi Owen Fox – Baby Gifts Review

The postman turned up with Owen Fox and to Sydney’s delight he had a new friend to play with. We were sent Owen Fox to review from the beautiful online boutique Milo et Mimi.foxbox

Just to give a little background on Milo et Mimi, they offer alternative baby gifts, clothing and accessories which are all ethically sourced.

Founded in 2012 by London-based mum, Lena, Milo et Mimi’s brands have been purposefully chosen for their ethical approach or for their original and quirky designs, as well as high quality finish.”

With inspiring ranges their boutique presents a fresh approach to buying baby gifts /clothing  online. They have many exclusive brands so there is an air of quaint originality which we love at Baby-A!

Hazel Village is one of those exclusive brands and for the past couple of weeks Owen Fox has been well and truly put to the Sydney test. He has been for outings on the train, he has been stripped naked and thrown about and he has also been cuddled and kissed. He has been fully introduced to all of other Sydney’s toys.

owentoyOn unwrapping Owen Fox we found him to be a friendly little fellow, very soft and smartly dressed in a green tailed jacket. On his ear we found a great little tag;

Owen loves to go to his secret tree house and practice his dance moves. He says he’s such a nimble dancer because he has a low center of gravity. But the other animals, who have similarly low centers of gravity, say he just has lots of energy.”

He measures 15 inches tall and has dangly arms and legs so he is a good size soft toy. He is made from organic cotton and his eyes, nose and whiskers are said to be hand stitched which adds extra character and a uniqueness to him. We love the fact that his clothing can be taken off and that he is part of a collection so other friends could be added to go with Owen.

He has certainly made himself at home here and Sydney has loved spending time withowenlight him. We think that children of all ages would love him and he would make a lovely alternative gift. Thank you to Milo et Mimi for giving us the opportunity to review Owen Fox.

There is a whole range of Hazel Village animals to choose from and they would be ideal for all ages from newborn upwards.

For other gift ideas and a stunning range of clothing check out Milo et Mimi. They offer 10% off your first order.


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Our soon to be… new addition

Here at Baby-a we are pleased to announce that we are expecting our second child. We initially thought we were having twins as they run in the family and I was having very different pregnancy symptoms than with Sydney (and still am). I was extremely nauseous all day long for the first few weeks, my skin was bad, my tummy was huge and Graham said he had a feeling we were having twins…

… after a lot of anticipation and trying to imagine life with twins plus Sydney, we were fully prepared and low and behold there was only one!

We had really mixed feelings and had grown to get used to the idea of having twins, so when there was only one we were a little sad and relieved at the same time.

We are so happy about our soon to be new addition, however we feel that Sydney’s world is going to come crashing down in dramatic toddler style and the new baby will need a crash helmet. We are really excited about our new little bundle due the last week of August 2013.

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Enchanted Interiors review; Woodland Animal Branch Scene Nursery Wall Stickers

We were delighted to be given the opportunity by Enchanted Interiors to review their “Woodland animal branch scene”  nursery wall stickers.  Looking at the Enchanted Interiors website, it is clear to see that they offer a beautiful nursery room decor range to suit all bedroom/nursery sizes and we were very impressed with the exquisite designs, perfect for giving your child’s nursery a makeover.

Just to give a background about the company ;

Enchanted Interiors source and design bright, colourful and fun themed accessories to embrace popular trends in emerging boys and girls décor guaranteed to transform your little ones bedroom, playroom or nursery within hours.”(

With this in mind we were very excited to get to work in transforming Sydney’s bedroom. On the day in question we had a rare afternoon when Sydney was in nursery and we were not at work, so we knew it would be the best time to put up the display. We had a two hour window to transform Sydney’s bedroom wall, so we knew we would be against the clock.

We opened the tube to find large piece of paper with individual stickers on it and two instruction sheets. The instructions were very straight forward and there was a picture of what the final scene would look like. The stickers were numbered which made it simple in knowing which order to place the images.


The nursery wall stickers were fabric and once placed on the wall they seemed to give the allusion that they were painted on. They were very resilient and easy to remove if they needed adjusting. The large tree part took two of us to put on, mainly due to the fact that we were short of time. I think however, that one person could manage with a little bit of time and concentration.

Stage one…

Gradually the Fun Friend’s Woodland scene came together and we were amazed by the quality of the stickers. We loved the attention to detail. It was lovely to have something that was so appealing to children yet with a touch of class, in that the images were not too bold or overpowering.

We loved the fact that the stickers were applied individually, giving a flexibility to add your own flair and design by placing them where ever you may desire.

We used the scene picture provided on the instructions as a guide and changed only a few positions of the birds/butterflies and we really loved the out come.

Flowers added…

With our eye on the clock we realised that it had only actually taken us about forty five minutes to complete the project, which we thought was impressive. We really had a sense of achievement and mummy and daddy were very pleased with their handy work!

We waited in anticipation for the time to collect Sydney from nursery, as we were looking forward to seeing his reaction…

…we were not disappointed he walked in his room and ran back out with excitement shouting “what is that?”. He went back into his bedroom shouting and pointing “birdy” whilst giggling. He absolutely loved it! He really loves animals and he was so pleased to have his own little woodland scene.

Leaves added..

In our opinion these designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but really add a warmth and sense of new life to Sydney’s bedroom. We were so impressed and would definitely recommend them to any one wishing to transform a bedroom or nursery. They would also make a great alternative gift as we are sure anyone would be very grateful to receive them.


Thank you to Enchanted Interiors for sharing your beautiful designed Fun Friends “Woodland Animal branch scene” nursery wall stickers with us! Enchanted Interiors are currently offering 10% discount off the Fun Friends Wall Art Designs use Voucher Code BABRJ13 (Valid until 28th February) 

For more information visit;

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