Snugglebundl Review

snugWe were very fortunate to be able to test and review a really ingenious product to help parents with their new babies.

Snugglebundl proudly present the world’s first baby lifting wrap blanket. This beautiful multi-award winning baby product has so many incredible uses. The soft, strong handles on this wearable hooded blanket let you lift and lay your baby so gently that they’ll stay sleeping; even lifting babies in and out of car seats, prams and pushchairs without waking them is so easy. Snugglebundl is amazing help for lifting baby after c section and can really help post birth recovery time too.

Ronnie is six weeks old now and we have used the Snugglebundl from the day he was born in hospital. It has been in and out of the wash and has been used every day.

It was so lovely dressing Ronnie for the first time and placing him into a very cosy, secure blanket. It was great for transferring Ronnie to the car seat for his first journey home. One of the features that we particularly liked was the padded head support which really seemed to comfort him.snugcar

We have used the Snugglebundl non stop for different purposes. It has been particularly useful in his pram where he has been sleeping soundly. It has been great for breast feeding when out and about as it aids comfort and discretion. On one occasion Sydney gave the game away by asking nice and loud… “Is Ronnie feeding from your boobie mummy?”… So my cover was well and truly blown!!

We have gained experience in knowing  that when it comes to looking after babies that there are certain ‘must have’ items and others that you buy but don’t actually use. For us (especially mummy) we feel that it falls in to a ‘must have’ item and we can’t recommend it highly enough.

The new challenge for us at present is getting to grips with looking after two children with very different needs. For days when mummy or daddy are alone with the little ones and juggling their demands, the Snugglebundl has really helped. For instance  we can’t take our eyes off Sydney at the moment as he can be quite rough with Ronnie. For all that he loves him he can’t be trusted, as the minute our backs are turned he tries to pick Ronnie up or pat him on the head or poke him in the eyes etc(Poor Ronnie!!!!)… for those reasons we keep the pram up, have a bouncer chair and have the car seat in different areas of the house and the Snugglebundl has been great for transferring Ronnie without disturbing him. It also gives a little extra protection from a sticky boisterous three year old’s hands!

snugliftLife is a little crazy and it is certainly going by in a blink, so to have a small product that does a lot makes a big difference. We feel that anything helps make life easier when caring for children is a Baby-A winner!!!

Thank you Snugglbundl for introducing us to a blanket that we couldn’t be without!

For more information on Snugglebundl and more about Kids One Stop Shop visit;

 Kids One Stop Shop Snugglebundl


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  1. We are so pleased that you and especially Ronnie are loving using your Snugglebundl. Our aim is to make the day to day lifting and moving a little easier and it really seems that you have been using your Snugglebundl to the full! Best wishes to you and the family and happy Snugglebundling:)x

  2. Snugglebundl is a great invention isn’t it? So glad you have found it so useful, and the photos of little Ronnie are just gorgeous. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

    • admin says:

      I love the Snugglebundl Ronnie is a cold baby and loves to be wrapped up so the Snugglebundl has been ideal for his pram.I love the idea of #Tried Tested will go and check some of the other blogs out :)

  3. Colette says:

    I adore the Snugglebundl and am gutted that Amy is just getting a bit too bit for it now!
    Thanks for linking up this week :)

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