Simple baby food for your baby -our tips

The key to making home made baby food is keeping it simple. You can start of with just one fruit or vegetable then as your baby gets used to the texture you can mix various fruit and vegetables.

Sydney’s favourite purée was carrot,apple and parsnip with orange juice added.

To make this purée we used;

3 Carrots

2 Parsnips

3 Apples

½ fresh orange juice

We chopped and boiled the carrots and parsnips in one pan. In a small frying pan we added chopped apple and a little water to cover and stewed the apples till soft. Once the fruit and veg were cooked they were all placed in a blender with a couple of the tablespoons of water that they were cooked in and the orange juice. The mixture was given a quick blast in the blender and that was that…ready to go. There would be enough to freeze so you would have ready made meals to hand.

We also tried other combinations to gradually introduce different tastes.

As Sydney got older we introduced meat into the purée, we mainly stuck to chicken at first. We would pan fry chicken breast, and add it with vegetables and put it in the blender. We also used organic baby stock cubes to some of the mixes and Sydney seemed to eat everything we gave him!

Other favourites were mince beef with vegetables and sweet potato with cod or salmon.

We tended not to freeze the foods that had meat or fish in just to be safe. We would cook them with the intention to be eaten straight away. When we gave Sydney fish we used to buy it from our local fish monger at the market and he would always cut us small pieces of boneless cod or Salmon.

For Sweet potato and Cod/Salmon we used:

Small portion of fish

1 large sweet potato

knob of butter

We pan fried the fish whilst boiling the chopped sweet potato. Once everything was cooked we mashed the potato with butter and added the fish and mashed it all together with a fork. This was so quick , simple and a dish Sydney loved.

Along with organic ready made pouches,Sydney soon was eating a wide range of foods.

*It is always important to check with your health visitor about which foods are safe for your baby as all children are different.

Let us know your recipe ideas, we would love to find out about the food your baby loves!

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  1. This recipe sounds absolutely delicious. I will definitely try it for my second baby. I also am a huge fan of home cooking for babies, i truly believe that what they get used to eating at tiny age, they will like it forever. If you stick to only home made food and always give them something different they become great eaters. Love your suggestions, i often ran out of ideas when i weaned my son over a year ago. He’s a great eater and i’ve done exactly what you’re saying here. Slowly introducing different foods and being very consistent.
    Thanks again for your great recipe. I will dig out my old ones and share it as well.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks very much for your comments. It is really hard to think of new ideas. Glad you liked our little recipe ideas.

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