We are pleased to be able to offer a copy of the DVD Planes 2 Fire & Rescue !!


This heart-pumping, laugh-filled follow-up to last year’s smash hit “PLANES,” shows the journey of world famous racer Dusty Crophopper as he joins an elite fire and rescue unit and learns what it takes to become a true hero. Featuring non-stop action, memorable characters and exclusive bonus content, “PLANES 2: FIRE & RESCUE” is this winters must-own animated family film!

This Disney DVD was released 1st December 2014 and is cert U



For your chance to be the lucky winner of the DVD just leave a comment giving the name of your favourite Disney film

Competition closes midnight 4th January 2015 and open to UK residents

The winners will be notified by email. If a winner fails to contact Baby-A within 5 working days from the date of the notification email was sent, the winner forfeits the prize and another winner will be selected.

Our policy is such that we will not pass on your details to any third party without your prior consent.

The winner will be picked at random using





Win competitions at – See more at:

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  1. Linda says:

    Toy Story :)

  2. laura banks says:

    mary poppins

  3. Graham Ross says:

    101 dalmatians

  4. Christina Blunden says:

    Snow white

  5. iain maciver says:

    mary poppins

  6. ann clements says:

    Snow White

  7. Donna Gott says:

    Finding Nemo

  8. KATHY D says:

    Has to be Jungle Book

  9. sarah rees says:

    toy story

  10. John Taggart says:

    Snow White

  11. Kevin Honey says:

    The Jungle Book

  12. Rachel Craig says:

    Snow White.

  13. laura stewart says:

    toy story

  14. Pam Hubbard says:

    Snow White

  15. katie Kathurima says:

    The Lion King

  16. Snow White!

  17. Sandra Lane says:

    Robin Hood

  18. Jessica Powell says:

    Snow White

  19. nicola clarkson says:

    The Jungle Book

  20. Harriet says:

    Snow White

  21. natalie moore says:

    Dumbo still makes me cry everytime i watch it

  22. Michaela Hannah says:


  23. Corinne Peat says:

    Toy Story!

  24. Sam Stevens says:

    The Princess Diaries

  25. kelly curtis says:

    Song of the South

  26. S Edwards says:

    The Jungle Book

  27. pauline jepson says:


  28. Tracy Nixon says:

    Of all time…..Bambi!

  29. gemma jordan says:

    Little Mermaid

  30. Lois Eaton says:

    I still love Aristocats

  31. pamela gossage says:

    Snow White

  32. Alison Melrose says:

    The Fox and the Hound (showing my age but loved it as a child).

    I’m Copper and I’m a hound dog…roorooorooo!

  33. christine says:

    The Lion King

  34. Tina Hewitt says:


  35. Kieran Walsh says:

    “The Lion King”

  36. Andy W says:

    The Lion King

  37. Julie Henderson says:

    we loved Pocahontas

  38. Jan Kirkcaldy says:


  39. hayley berry says:


  40. Tracey Beck says:

    101 Dalmatians

  41. Tammy Tudor says:

    The Little Mermaid

  42. jayne underwood says:

    Toy Story

  43. kim neville says:

    Lady and the Tramp

  44. claire blaney says:

    monster Inc

  45. Toy Story

  46. maureen findley says:

    toy story

  47. Lynne Durkin says:

    Toy Story

  48. David Reeves says:

    Still Snow White I’m afraid!

  49. simon elson says:

    Robin Hood….. Terry Thomas as the snake cracks me up….

  50. Dominic Chapman says:

    Cars :) I love that film, It’s amazing :)

  51. Michelle Bamber says:

    Monsters Inc is the favourite Disney film in our house

  52. Angela Fitzjohn says:

    Finding Nemo

  53. Laura Asplin says:

    Toy Story

  54. Cathy says:


  55. Stephanie Tsang says:


  56. Difficult as I love all Disney films! But I think I would have to say Peter Pan!

  57. Jo welsh says:


  58. Teresa Fisher says:


  59. Julie Kenny says:

    Beauty and the Beast

  60. Rachel Butterworth says:


  61. Caroline H says:

    Mine is Up.

  62. caroline cordery says:


  63. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    Monsters University

  64. Kelly Stimson says:

    The Little Mermaid

  65. Kathryn Hill says:

    The Aristocats

  66. claire wilks says:

    Frozen is a hit in this house!!

  67. Paul Witney says:

    Finding Nemo

  68. Zoe G says:


  69. stuart allen says:

    my fave disney film is the aristocats!

  70. PAUL STANLEY says:


  71. gemma brown says:


  72. Annette Langston says:

    Lilo & Stitch

  73. amanda davis says:

    alice in wonderland

  74. Liz Briggs says:

    Tangled x

  75. Zara says:


  76. Hutch2 says:

    The Little Mermaid

  77. Penny says:

    the lion king

  78. Spencer Broadley says:

    The Jungle Book by far

  79. Neil Bradley says:


  80. Heather T says:

    Watching it now – Bedknobs and Broomsticks

  81. Kerry Locke says:

    Finding Nemo

  82. Chris Cleave says:

    The Jungle Book

  83. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    Toy Story

  84. Kim Styles says:


  85. Lisa J says:

    Beauty and the Beast

  86. Rich Tyler says:

    Aladdin :)

  87. Kristy Brown says:


  88. Wendy Smith says:

    101 Dalmatians

  89. Keshia Esgate says:

    Sleeping Beauty

  90. Michelle orchard says:


  91. Jackie ONeill says:


  92. Anthony Gerrard says:

    Toy Story

  93. LEE says:



  94. Helen W says:

    i love Bambi the best but love all disney films

  95. MichelleD says:

    The Jungle Book!

  96. Megan Adams says:

    Mary Poppins!!

  97. Peter Cheer says:

    Mary Poppins

  98. Greig spencer says:

    Toy Story

  99. Tracey F says:

    The Lion King! It’s such a gorgeous film.

  100. jo Williams says:

    Dumbo, always makes me cry!!

  101. Michelle W says:


  102. Julie Ward says:

    101 dalmatians

  103. donna clinton says:

    Finding Nemo

  104. leanne weir says:

    mary poppins

  105. Rachael says:

    The Fox & the Hound

  106. Rich Hill says:

    Jungle Book – it has the best Disney soundtrack too!

  107. HAYLEY WYNN says:

    snow white and the seven dwarfes

  108. Colin Gault says:


  109. Lynsey Ward says:


  110. Elisha Cook says:

    Pinocchio is the fave in our house :) Old classic!

  111. teresa sheldon says:


  112. Celia West says:

    Finding Nemo

  113. Cheryl says:


  114. Joanna ButlerSavage says:

    monsters inc

  115. Mark Palmer says:

    Oliver and Company

  116. Jo W says:

    Toy Story

  117. Jillian Mitchell says:

    toy story

  118. Nikki Stewart says:

    Finding Nemo

  119. christine westlake says:


  120. michelle vickers says:


  121. Eva Appleby says:


  122. Angela Morgan says:

    Toy Story

  123. kirsty hall says:

    frozen :)

  124. Georgie Aronin says:


  125. Danielle Graves says:

    Has to be the Little Mermaid

  126. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    The Lion King

  127. Jennifer Hughes says:

    Bedknobs and Broomsticks

  128. Adam Curson says:

    Tangled mostly thanks to my daughter.

  129. Carol D says:

    Finding Nemo

  130. Samantha Castle says:

    Toy Story 3

  131. steph lovatt says:

    finding nemo

  132. Jo Carroll says:

    Disney’s Cars

  133. robert sharman says:

    robin hood

  134. Sheila M says:

    Toy Story

  135. elle warwick says:


  136. kathryn says:

    Lion King :-)

  137. Kate Deakin says:

    The Lion King

  138. Emily Knight says:

    Monsters Inc. :)

  139. amanda gibson says:

    Beauty and the Beast

  140. claire twist says:


  141. Hayley Todd says:

    I love Beauty and the Beast x

  142. Karen Barrett says:


  143. Emma Fox says:


  144. I love Cool Runnings

  145. Kelly Hooper says:


  146. Katie Evans says:

    There are so many to choose from and I’m getting to live the fun all over again with my three year old daughter. I think Tangled might be my fave actually despite all the lovely memories of the ones I watched as a child :)

  147. leigh boyle says:


  148. Dawn Totton says:

    Beauty and The Beast.

  149. olivia Kirby says:


  150. Sarah Palmer says:

    Sleeping Beauty x

  151. Patricia Avery says:

    I loved Bambi as a child and now as an OAP enjoy watching it with my grandchildren 3:)

  152. Steve Miles says:


  153. The Lion King.

  154. Pauline Burroughs says:

    The Lion King

  155. Emma Beckett says:

    The Sword in the Stone

  156. Kerry Lethbridge says:

    I adore bugs life

  157. Clair Candy says:

    It has to be Bambi :-)

  158. Kelly Roberts says:

    The Little Mermaid

  159. Lyndsey Beckford says:

    Toy Story

  160. Joanne Austin says:

    The loin king

  161. Mark Bethell says:

    Toy Story 1

  162. Ellie Spider says:

    Really hard choice either The Little Mermaid or The Jungle Book – they both have awesome songs :)

  163. Tolu says:


  164. Joe Mitchell says:

    Toy story – will forever be my favourite

  165. Charmian Filewood says:

    Beauty and The Beast

  166. Claire B says:

    The Jungle Book

  167. simon hardy says:


  168. Lesley Cohen Wright says:

    Toy Story

  169. Clare White says:

    Finding Nemo

  170. Allie Sherwood says:

    The Jungle Book

  171. dennis wibberley says:

    Lion King

  172. Tammy Neal says:

    frozen i love frozen :D , also like tangled

  173. sarah says:

    Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

  174. cathyj says:

    lady and the tramp

  175. Wendy Becker says:


  176. Claire D says:

    Beauty and the beast

  177. Heidi Brown says:

    The Aristocats

  178. Jade says:


  179. natalee gosiewski says:

    i love quite a few bit of a challenge to choose just one little mermaid has my fav songs yet cinderlla and sleeping beauty are my childhood favs yet i like cars and frozen

  180. Caroline Howard says:

    Finding Nemo

  181. Steven Montgomery says:

    Finding Nemo, i love the crabs :)

  182. Barbara Handley says:

    Snow White

  183. Karen Louise wright says:

    The little mermaid x

  184. sarah pearce says:

    Mary Poppins!! x

  185. Joanna Sawka says:


  186. Leanne Newsome says:

    Disney cars

  187. claire wilkinson says:

    the little mermaid

  188. Irene Gilmour says:


  189. Cathryn bowen says:

    toy story

  190. Amanda Norwood says:

    The Lion King

  191. Nicky says:


  192. Tracey Boswell says:

    Toy Story

  193. Hannah Cummings says:

    Toy Story

  194. Charlotte Mountford says:

    My favourite Disney film is The Aristocats

  195. Eleanor Jones says:

    Monsters Inc

  196. Natalie Crossan says:

    Cinderalla xx

  197. caroline pring says:

    Finding Nemo

  198. Gemma Snell says:


  199. Rebecca Duncan says:

    Lion King :-)

  200. Victoria B says:

    Sleeping Beauty

  201. RACHAEL JONES says:

    snow white

  202. Katy D says:


  203. karen Howden says:


  204. sue Norminton says:


  205. Natasha Gandy says:

    Bedknobs and Broomsticks !!

  206. Donna Browne says:


  207. Karen Dixon says:

    Finding Nemo

  208. Keena Anderson says:

    The sword in the stone

  209. Maria Jane Knight says:

    Alice In Wonderland

  210. Karis says:

    Jungle Book

  211. Alison Cameron says:


  212. Jane Middleton says:

    The Jungle Book

  213. Emma Green says:

    The Lion King

  214. andy says:

    sleeping beauty

  215. Lucy carter says:


  216. Jaime Hyland says:


  217. Nicola Holland says:

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

  218. Mary Orme says:

    The Sword and the Stone

  219. shelley stevenson says:

    I love them all!..aladdin,the little mermaid, Brave… :)

  220. Kat Glynn says:

    The Lion King

  221. Rebecca Evans says:

    It has to be Beauty and the Beast !!

  222. It would have been Beauty and The Beast but I have been completely drawn in by Frozen – just love it!

  223. Lydia Graham says:

    Brave at the moment

  224. catriona nation says:

    Finding nemo

  225. jodie harvey says:

    monsters inc

  226. Krystina Smith says:

    The Lion King

  227. Toy Story

  228. Vid Ram says:

    Toy Story

  229. Caroline says:


  230. Ian says:


  231. carol boffey says:


  232. Sarah Cadman says:

    The Lion King 2

  233. Rachel Butler says:

    Lady And The Tramp

  234. Toy Story

  235. Katie W says:

    Robin Hood

  236. Samantha Bramwell says:

    Fox and the hound

  237. emilia nastaly-howard says:

    Frozen :)

  238. Penelope Hewitt says:

    Jungle Book

  239. Chris Fletcher says:

    The Lion King

  240. Helen Magee says:


  241. Kelly Webb says:

    Beauty & the Beast

  242. Clare Brannen says:

    Mary Poppins and Hunchback of Notre dam I can’t decide :)

  243. Janet Coverdale says:

    The Lion King

  244. LEE HARDY says:

    The Jungle Book

  245. Gemma Chantler says:

    Finding Nemo

  246. sa says:

    dorian in finding nemo

  247. Alison Johnson says:

    Toy Story

  248. Heather Harris says:

    snow white

  249. Rachel B says:


  250. Tracy Ashwin says:

    Sleeping Beauty

  251. Mark Hayes says:

    The jungle book

  252. Hellen Blades says:

    Toy Story

  253. Joanne Clarke says:

    The lady and the Tramp

  254. Jessica cook says:

    Monsters inc

  255. Sarah Huddlestone says:

    Beauty and the beast

  256. Lindsey Philpot says:

    tangled x

  257. Sammy Fairman says:


  258. Angela Muir says:

    Finding Nemo

  259. champaklal lad says:

    toy story

  260. claire little says:

    frozen now :)

  261. Cinderella for me. Little one absolutely loves Monsters Inc x

  262. stephanie campbell says:

    mine is the little mermaid, my 5 year old is aladdin but his favourite princess in Belle!

  263. Laura Theobald says:

    Lady & The Tramp

  264. Lynne OConnor says:

    101 Dalmatians

  265. claire wilks says:

    got to be alice in wonderland, the whole family love it x

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