Having a baby! – Our pregnancy journey

What do two blue lines mean?

…We knew the answer but we had to google it …just to make sure!!( I had managed to lose the test instructions!) Once we had discovered that I was pregnant it took some time for it to sink in. Even though it was something that we both wanted, to actually see two blue lines on the pregnancy white stick staring at us, we could not predict how we actually feel about having a baby.

A rush of feelings and emotions hit us…excited, scared, shocked, happy…followed by panicked questions.. when would the baby be due? When should we break the news to family?…what about work? Will it be a boy? What it be a girl?…ahhhhh SLOW DOWN!!

We lay awake most of the the night talking about our new life and trying to imagine a little person with us…life was certainly going to change. I had to get to grips with my new identity as being a pregnant woman.. and Graham had to get to grips of being the husband of a pregnant wife!

What do we do now?

We called our doctor to make an appointment as we were unsure what to do next..we felt rather foolish in the appointment as the doctor said “congratulations” and informed us that I needed to contact the midwife for a “booking appointment” as home tests were accurate enough. So back to reception we booked our appointment…and our pregnancy journey began.

First stages

I was lucky in that I didn’t really suffer with morning sickness as such. I did however wake up most mornings with a “hungover” feeling..headache, dry mouth and general grogginess. Some days I did have slight nausea but to combat this I actually tried to eat. I nibbled on plain biscuits, small pieces of chocolate, fruit and I sipped water or lemonade. I went off my daily cups of tea, for some reason tea just did not taste the same so I switched to fruit teas.

I found that if I focused on the feeling of being sick that I actually was sick but if I shifted my thoughts and nibbled on something the feeling passed.

First midwife appointment

When I realised what was required for the booking appointment I was terrified and I had a bit of a panic attack. I am scared of needles and the thought of blood being taken from me made me pass out at the thought. I then thought how am I going to cope with the whole thing? If I am struggling with the first appointment how will I get through the next nine months and how am I going to deal with the birth? Oh no! It all seemed to much and after breaking down in tears almost unable to breathe Graham walked through the door and told me that he would be with me every step of the way. It was at this point I changed my thinking and braced my self for step number one…

… at the appointment things went really well.. my midwife was lovely, she gave me so much confidence and talked us through everything and with the help of Graham I got through the needle part. Our focus now was the twelve week scan.

Twelve week scan

The weeks leading up to the twelve week scan dragged, it was a case of getting on and powering through. We were so excited at the thought of seeing our baby but we were also nervous, hoping that everything would be ok.

…after drinking gallons of water and sitting the waiting room for what felt like hours , it was finally time. The nurse put gel on my tummy and in front of us a mind blowing image presented it’s self…our little baby! It amazed us to see the little heartbeat and profile of the facial features.

All was well and I was twelve weeks exactly.

Next steps…

At around thirteen/fourteen weeks the tiredness and nausea began to subside and my bump began to grow. I struggled to fasten up trousers and button up shirts so I knew it was time to buy some maternity clothing and non wired bras!

I just got a few basics really. I got a couple of pairs of jeans with a stretchy waistband, a few vest tops and some jersey cardigans.

For bras I got measured at good old M&S Lingerie and got some non wired bras, unattractive, big but VERY comfortable!

Feeling great…

I started to feel like I had so much energy, my hair was shiny and thick and my skin was clear. I put this down to eating well , drinking water and taking vitamins. I also enjoyed treats, especially cake as I think this was great for my mental state! I also kept active as I don’t drive, walking was second nature so I just carried on as I always had done.

We had a mini break away in Northumberland, whilst we had money and while I was feeling well and active. If you are thinking of a holiday this is a great time as you are not too big, and you are safe to fly.

Twenty week scan

The weeks began to fly and we had the dilemma of finding out the sex of our baby. I didn’t really mind either way but Graham really wanted to know so we decided that we would ask when we went for our second scan. This again was a time of mixed emotions with the added excitement of finding out whether we were having a boy or girl.

We entered the room and once again I laid down, gel was put on my tummy and the amazing image of our baby popped up on the screen. We were so engrossed in watching our baby that we forgot to ask about the sex but as it happened our baby revealed all and flashed his bits for all to see!! The stenographer confirmed that we were having a boy. It was lovely to find out as we could now prepare for our little man’s arrival.

Time goes by…

After the twenty week scan, time seemed to go so fast. As the days and the weeks passed I could feel our little man getting stronger. He was very active and I had actually felt movement from about seventeen weeks.

One thing that bothered me was my tummy button popping out ! It rubbed on my clothing when I walked and the feeling made me cringe!There wasn’t a great deal that could be done about it. I constantly covered my tummy in body butter and I suppose I just got used to it!

Through these weeks movement got stronger and stronger and I felt at my best. I carried on eating well and still carried on with life as it was (minus the alcohol). I still went for meals, cinema trips, girls nights out etc.

Lots and lots of moisturiser…

One of my worries was stretch marks so I bought various lotions and potions and slapped them on my growing bump. I bought Palmers cocoa butter for stretch marks, friends bought me Sanctuary body butter. I also used Boots natural cocoa butter.

I’m not sure whether it was luck or whether they worked but I managed to be stretch mark free!

Third trimester

As I got bigger I began to slow down. Things that I could once do were now impossible tasks! Simple things like putting on shoes, painting toe nails, shaving legs and sleeping!I also suffered with heartburn. I slept with pillows supporting my bump but I had many sleepless nights. I carried around heartburn relief tablets and drank milk before bed, this took the edge off.

I felt like I waddled every where. I still tried to stay active but I took things at a slower pace.

At around thirty five weeks I left work as I had holidays to use up before my maternity leave started so It was lovely to have that time to sort the nursery out.

Sydney moved around so much that it hurt. His elbows stuck out, his bottom and knees pushed against me especially when he stretched! He was a very hiccupy baby and there were so strong that they made me jump.

With all of my midwife appointments and everyrhing going really well, it was just a matter of waiting…I had almost made it…

 I loved being pregnant. I felt quite sad that my new identity of being a pregnant lady was about to end and I was once again about to change identity into being a different me… a mother! 


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  1. Aw what a lovely reminder to look back on, I’m now carrying our third baby and it seems like a whole lifetime ago that I was having all of these same feelings for our first pregnancy. Becoming a Mummy will always be my proudest achievement!! :)

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your comments. You are totally right in that being a mummy is a proud achievement! Good luck with your third baby. x

  2. Hi, what a lovely reminder of what you went through. Mums start being Mums when they are pregnant and it is a fantastic journey from early pregnancy through to giving birth to your beautiful baby. So many emotions and so much to worry about and think about. Then once you have your baby, you feel so blessed. Having a baby really is the most amazing thing anyone can do and bringing up your baby; feeding him, watching him crawl and then walk and talk and grow is the most rewarding thing ever. I wish I had kept a diary from when my I was pregnant with my first baby.

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