Our holiday survival guide with a toddler

We made it to Cuba and back with our almost two year old and had a lovely holiday, as a follow up to our long haul flight guide, we thought we would create a check list for all of the things we needed whilst we were on holiday with Sydney.

Take a deep breath…its a long one;




Back pack reins

Nappies (about 60)

2x packs of swim nappies



Piriton Syrup

Sachets of Calpol and Neurofen

Halo n Horns Toothpaste                                                                                                                                                              


Halo n Horns bath time

 Aloe Vera gel

Crocodile herbal repellent (deet free)

Baby repel bands (we attached them to the pram and cot)

Bite relief cream

Suncream High factor 50+

Sufers zinc for face


UV Suits x4

Float Jacket

Bucket and Spade

UV Tent

Poncho towels (for pool/Beach)                                                                                                                 

Shade for pram (Sunshine kids)

Shorts, t-shirts, trousers


Sun hat

Baby surf shoes

Sandals/light shoes

Juice bottle

milk bottle (for night time milk)

Sunshine kids pram tidy

Rain cover


Our top tips

 * Just go with the flow, you are on your holidays, don’t worry too much about sticking to home routines as we feel you will have a challenge on your hands and it is not worth the stress!! After a couple of days we fell into our own little holiday routine and everyone   was happy!!

*We didn’t really have late nights but on an evening (after the mini disco)we would take our Ipad out with us just to keep Sydney entertained and wind down for the night. We downloaded his favourite Tv programmes and films.

*We struggled to get Sydney to eat in the restaurants, especially in the evening he seemed agitated! We began to think of how he liked to do things at home and realised that he hated having his top on when he ate. We took off his top and he felt a lot more relaxed and less agitated and actually managed to eat … maybe think of something your little one likes to do at home.

*We bought a second hand pram off ebay as we knew it would get thrown about on the aeroplane, we managed to get a little Chicco stroller for £8!!!

*We also released that despite trying to plan for all events that sometimes something comes at you that you didn’t plan for! Unfortunately for us it rained all day long for the first four days of our holiday and we went through so many nappies, as we were thinking he would be in swim nappies for most of the day, we started to run out and we struggled to get nappies in Cuba…luckily the shop got a delivery and we were saved but it was a close call!!

* Remember that toddlers and babies cry, have tantrums and are loud. It is a holiday to you for babies/toddlers it is a whole new world. Try not to worry about what others think, just try and relax and enjoy your holiday as a family. 

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  1. You are very brave. My boys are 6 and almost 4, and we still haven’t been brave enough to go long haul. Thanks for linking up to our Summer holiday linky

  2. admin says:

    Thank you, brave or mad! Thank you for including us on your post.

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