Organix toddler meal / baby food review

Organix is a winner!!

Here at Baby-a we were sent a lovely box of goodies from Organix to review and they were put to the test by our very particular and honest toddler!

In the box we received an Organix tasty beef stew and dumplings toddler meal, Organix pack of ginger biscuits, Organix cheese puffs, 2 Organix oat and cereal bars and some mini cheese crackers

Tasty beef stew and dumplings;

Our two year old toddler is not one to shy away from his true feelings about things especially when it comes to food. He has a routine that he follows when new food is introduced to him. His first reaction is to say “no”, then he bats food away but after a little persuasion he proceeds to sniff the food items, if they pass the sniff test he then goes on the to eat the food which he will either spit out or say “ummmm” and carry on eating.

On this occasion we served this meal for lunch. It smelt really good and looked home made. There were plenty of vegetables mixed in with the meat and the dumplings were nice and soft. How would Sydney react??

…here goes we thought…we presented his meal in his bowl and put it down in front of him. He actually raised his eye brows, scooped some of it up with his fork and sniffed it. He then put it straight in his mouth and munched away…it was a hit!! He ate most of it, spitting out the odd carrot but over all he really seemed to love it. It was good to know that we were giving him wholesome organic food which was filling and that Sydney liked it!

The snacks:


We were already lovers of the Organix spicy tomato snacks so it was good to try the cheese and herb puffs for a change. Sydney also has a process of testing snacks. If we are in the house he tends to open the packet and pour them all over our rug, sniff them and if he likes them he will carry on eating them until they are all gone. If he is not a fan he just leaves them on the rug and moves on to doing something else, resulting in squashed stood on snacks for mummy and daddy to clear up!!

The cheese puffs, ginger biscuits and cheese biscuits did fairly well. The cheese puffs and ginger biscuits were poured, sniffed and eaten. The cheese crackers were sniffed, poured and half eaten and half stood on.

The only snacks that did not succeed in the Sydney tests were the cereal bars. He doesn’t really like oat bars anyway so it was unlikely that he would eat them, we did think however that it was worth a try but unfortunately they did not pass the sniff test so were instantly thrown away!

In summary the Organix toddler pack that we received was very much enjoyed by Sydney and we will definitely purchase the meals and snacks in the near future. The toddler meal portion size was perfect and it was a lovely tasty meal. The snacks were delicious and perfect for days out or for keeping toddler’s energy levels topped up.

Thank you Organix for letting us test your wonderful baby food products, we definitely recommend them to all toddlers out there!!

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