Kenny the Kangaroo Backpack Safety Harness & Reins Review

kangHere at baby-a we were sent a beautiful “Kenny the kangaroo” backpack safety harness and reins to test . Sydney was first in line to be chief tester. He excitedly opened the box and with an almighty awwww….he declared that he loved his new backpack a…..Squirrel!! We thought it was so funny that he thought it was a Squirrel but after lots of convincing, he now knows that it is indeed… a kangaroo!!!! Sydney already owns a backpack with reins which we have used none stop since the day he could walk and it has been amazing. With a new contender there was going to be a lot of comparisons and true opinions of the new “Kenny the Kangeroo” model. As we do not have a car, we walk everywhere or use public transport so Sydney’s current back pack has been invaluable in helping accomplish tasks of getting on and off buses and trains or simply walking whilst pushing the pram.

Kenny to the test Our first road test was getting the bus in to town. It takes a bit of juggling getting on a bus with a pram whilst trying to keep Sydney close and safe  so “Kenny” needed to be up to the job. Sydney was pleased as punch with his back pack as he could put his precious mr doggy in the front. Whilst standing at the bus stop his backpack was a talking point with onlookers admiring in. It felt a little different holding this backpack as the rein was very long and was attached at the bottom of the backpack. Sydney’s other back pack has a slightly shorter rein and it hooks on the top… as the bus pulled up everybody got on, leaving us to be the last to board… with a bus full, all eyes were on us… we successfully got on the bus but as I let go of Sydney’s rein to pay the bus driver I could hear a chorus of old ladies saying to Sydney… ”your standing on his tail.”. with that l looked up to find Sydney circling round to try and catch his “tail” and old ladies laughing at him. They thought it was great and Sydney loved the attention but it did strike me that this may be a potential hazard…nevertheless we carried on our journey to town. Kangaroo Safety Harness As Sydney is a little older now we tend to keep him on a tight rein near roads but in pedestrian areas and in certain shops we have tried to give him a little more freedom. As always we try and keep a journey to town short and sweet but in the bargain Sydney likes to visit his favourite toy shops. On this occasion, as usual Sydney marched Ronnie and I straight to his shop and as usual I let him free to look at toys at his leisure but again without thinking… I let go of him then realised his reins were trailing, consequently Sydney got caught up in it again. I had to remind myself to tuck in his rein before letting him loose…with that in mind we got on well with Kenny. Sydney thought he was great and kept looking at himself in shop windows. In conclusion Sydney absolutely loves wearing Kenny and we have all taken to him as he is a beautiful backpack, which is really well made and put together. The fabric and fastenings are of real good quality and they feel secure once fastened. The only thing that I personally would change with this design is the attachment of the rein,whilst it looks good on the bottom I feel that it would be safer on the top. That being said we will continue to use Kenny as we think he is great and we are very grateful for having the opportunity to test him out. Many thanks to Pipsy Koala for letting us test drive Kenny!!!

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  1. Very cute design, but I do agree that the rein should be on the top, could certainly be a trip hazard! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. We have a Kenny and little man loves it but also agree that the rein would be better on the top

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