Home made baby food and weaning


Weaning your baby is a lovely transition in your baby’s growth. Initially it is all about letting your baby experience new tastes and textures. You will find there will be a lot of trial and error but it is great fun never the less.

There are so many great options for introducing your little one to new foods. Supermarkets now have great ranges of organic baby purées which are great for when you are out and about or if you are short of time. They have some interesting mixes which really appeal to babies.

Purées can also be made at home, made in bulk and can be frozen. When we were weaning Sydney we used a combination of organic pouches and home-made purées and he liked both equally.

We started Sydney on baby rice mixed with formula then slowly introduced him to other purées.It took a few attempts with home-made purée to get the consistency right. We realized that if liquid was added that it made the purée a lot smoother. We left a little of the water that the carrots/vegetables were cooked in and added some orange or apple juice to the mix and it worked wonders!

Other fruits and vegetables we used were parsnip, butter-nut squash, broccoli, pears, apples, bananas and sweet potato. We would mix fruit and vegetables up and try different combinations, some worked and others were spat out!

Once we got to know which purées Sydney like we boiled up pans full of fruit/veg and put them in the freezer. For this ice cube trays can be used or you can buy specially design pots. We actually used a silicon cupcake tray as each section was the perfect amount needed!

It all got very messy but it was a great experience for us as parents and for Sydney, we all enjoyed it we hope you do too!

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