Four Months old -no sleep!!!


Ronnie has just turned five months old and we have just come through a month of very little sleep. Just as we felt like Ronnie was in a really good routine, he turned four months old and suddenly he did not require sleep. He only slept for about twenty minutes at a time in the day and at night just about every hour he would wake. Some times crying but most of the time he would be squirming around in his cot and batting the bars or just chattering at full volume….this boy would just not sleep ahhhhhh!!


We tried everything; we kept him up with us until we went to bed,- that didn’t work so we put him to bed early, we left a light on, we left him in darkness, we played music, we rocked him, rubbed his tummy, downloaded white noise apps, we gave him baby rice before bed, teething powders put him in bed with us and… nothing worked.

We researched, trying to pin -point how long this no sleeping lark would last but to our dismay there was no exact science or definite answer. Some said two weeks … two weeks passed and still the same… 3 weeks, 4 weeks… we were stuck…. eat, sleep, rave repeat!!!!!


On reading up, this looks to be a quite normal and common occurrence with little explanation as to what causes it. Some say it’s brain development in that babies are learning new skills, others say growth spurts. There are articles on it being known as “purple crying period” which talks about why babies cry and the patterns they go through.


It seems to be that as hard as it is, the only thing you can do is ride through it. We felt like this was a never ending phase but then like magic Ronnie has started to sleep a lot better, he now sleeps from 7.30pm- 7.00am with a feed at 11.00 and 4.30ish. Life is now good and we hold on to our hats for the next phase or growth spurt!!

We thought we would share our experiences as we found it really tough and it maybe a little reassurance for other sleep deprived parents that there is light and the end of what seems like a long tunnel!!!

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