Lillypots Weaning Pan Review

Lillypots… at little surprise!!!

lillypots pan

Here at Baby-a we were lucky enough to test Lillypots a new product to help with the weaning process. Lillypots is a pan with three compartments for heating frozen purées. We liked the look of the pan and were happy to be chosen for Ronnie to give us his verdict!


Lillypots was created by dad Tam Rodwell when …”Tam realised fairly quickly that there wasn’t any product on the market that could defrost and heat these tiny portions of food separately whilst not compromising the nutritional value and avoiding the use of plastics.”


With this in mind we set about using the pan. On first inspection we were surprised at how light and slim it was. There were three little indentations which reminded us of a poached egg pan! It fitted nicely over our sauce pan without any gaps or wobbling. We filled the pan as instructed with hot water from the kettle and put the Lillypot on top, popped on our frozen purées and let them warm through on the stove.


It was good to have the option to give Ronnie a mixture of veg and it didn’t seem too long for the food to heat… so much so that we used it without further boiling. With also having Sydney running about we found that filling the saucepan with boiled water from the kettle was enough, that way other food could be prepared and served for the the rest of the family without the risk of a boiling pan being left.


When comparing Sydney and Ronnie when weaning we found that Sydney took really well to puréed food, he used to open his mouth to most things and he was a really easy baby to wean. With Ronnie we have had a completely different experience. He quickly became bored with purées and constantly wanted to eat food out of his hands, it seemed like we had a baby led weaner. We gave him cooked veg and pieces of fruit to hold and he took to it really well.


We found that he loved egg and when thinking of different ways to serve it that is when the Lillypot came back into play . Thinking of poached eggs we managed to cook mini omelettes! \They were perfect for Ronnie as they were tasty and the right size for him to nibble on.


We filled the saucepan with boiling water, popped on the Lillypot, put a little butter in then poured in a mixture of cheese and egg. We let the pan boil a little and in no time at all the mini omelettes were cooked. We scooped them out ,let them cool and served them to Ronnie. He was very excited and tucked in …they were at hit!


The Lillypot certainly was a surprise for us ,with Ronnie giving up on purée we felt that we had come to the end of he road but it was nice to be able to use it for a different type of weaning with the perfect portion sizes.


Thank you Lillypots for letting us test your product. We think it is a marvelous idea and a great way to warm food for all of those hungry babies out there!

You can find more about Lillypots at

Twitter @tamspans 

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Plum Baby Little Foodies Review

Baby Plum!!

Baby Plum!!

Sydney was a big fan of Plum Organics back in his baby weaning days. The little pouches were a life saver when we were out and about. He was always quite happy to eat them cold which made things so much easier.

We were really happy to be given the chance to review Plum’s new range of ‘Little Foodies’ toddler meals and we were looking forward to seeing what Sydney thought of them now he had an older, more experienced food palette!

Plum promote the little foodies meals as being…

“Our Little Foodies meals are full of exciting flavours, and are carefully crafted to encourage little ones to love their food. They come in convenient, easy-to-serve dishes to encourage toddlers to feed themselves, and the chunky texture (including chewy bits like whole raisins and peas) will help them develop the jaw and tongue muscles they need for language development.” (

We were sent four meals to try

Jamaican Jerk Mango & Chicken with Wholegrain Ricelittle3

Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Apricots & Bulgur Wheat,

Italian Ragu with Tomato, Beef and Ditalini Pasta

Vegetable Biryani with Wholegrain Rice

Sydney had a lot of eating and tasting to do and with all of  the wonderful tasting flavours to experience… what did he think..?

The first meal he picked to try was the Jamaican Jerk Mango & Chicken with Wholegrain Rice, on opening it , it did seem quite mushy so we were unsure as to whether Sydney would go through with eating it. He did his usual trick of smelling it first then proceeded with a large mouthful, eyebrows raised he carried on eating. He only left a little bit but he thoroughly enjoyed it.

As the week went on, he was excited to pick his meals. The Ragu was a hit he really enjoyed it and it was good to have different texturesliitle1little and flavours. The Biryani and Lamb Tagine both were greeted with enthusiasm but he was a little put off by the chick peas, they were a little hard and he kept spitting them out. I picked some out and mashed the others and this seemed to help.

In conclusion we feel that Plum still have that great attention to detail in putting interesting and appealing ingredients together that work. Sydney enjoyed them, however we just wish they had been out for when Sydney was a little younger, as being nearly three years old he is borderline too old for them.

Nevertheless we have a baby due next month so they will be definitely something that we would buy in the future.

Thank you Plum organics for providing Sydney with a tasty set of meals.



For more information on Plum Organics check out:

Plum Baby ,







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Happy Monkey Smoothies review

orange mang There was certainly something about Happy Monkey smoothies that made Sydney smile. We tend to call Sydney a ‘Little monkey’ or ‘Cheeky monkey’ when he is up to no good, so I think he liked the fact that his drinks were called “Happy Monkey” and that they had a picture of a monkey on the packaging!

We were sent two flavours of  Happy Monkey smoothies to try; Strawberry and Banana and Mango and Orange. The cartons were a nice size and easy to hold but the straws were a little tricky to put in for Sydney, so mummy was on hand to help. They were bright and attractive to an almost three year old, which we think is important, especially when trying to encourage healthy eating.

On the taste test it seemed that Sydney liked them equally. They were surprising in that they were quite thin, not thick and grainy so they were very easy to drink. Mummy had to taste them as well and they were really fruity and lovely. Sydney enjoyed one for breakfast along with his feast of cereal, toast and yoghurt and it was nice giving them to him knowing that there wasn’t anything artificial or unhealthy in them. We found that they could be kept out of the fridge so would be fine for day trips,school pack lunches or holidays etc

They promote their drinks with the following benefits ;straw

No Added Sugar

No Sweeteners

No Preservatives

No Bits

Great for Lunch boxes

100% Pure Fruit

1 Full portion of Fruit

100% of a kids RDA

of Vitamin C

It was great finding something healthy, yet so appealing to a fussy almost three year old and the fact that he asked for a Happy Monkey drink every morning proved to us that they were definitely a winner. We will continue to buy these smoothies for Sydney as they are bright, cheerful and tasty.

hmonkeyHere at Baby-A we give our stamp of approval to Happy Monkey smoothies, so for any mummies and daddies out there looking for a way to get extra vitamins and goodness down your little ones Happy Monkey smoothies are certainly worth a try!

Thank you to Happy Monkey for letting us try your yummy drinks.

For more information check out;

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Rachel’s Organic My First Yogurt Review

Sydney was pleased to receive a package of Rachel’s organic “My First Yogurts” to put to the taste test. For Sydney this sampling was easy as he is already a big fan of Rachel’s organic big pots. These beautiful tasting yogurts were first introduced to him by his grandad and from that day on (as he does) they were renamed…. “Grandad Yogurt” and from that day on grandad was also renamed “Grandad Yogurt”!!!

The “My First Yogurt ” pots came in packs of four and their flavours were Peach, Strawberry, Raspberry and Banana. perfect for weaning babies and toddlers.

We introduced Sydney to a small “Grandad yogurt” and before we knew it the foil was off and he had consumed the pot and was asking for “more”. He loved them that much that he ate two at a time!  Mummy also had to try them and found that they were lovely. There weren’t as sweet as other brands but it was simply due to the fact that they were natural and made with … “organic whole-milk yogurt, smooth fruit purée, are sweetened with organic fruit juice concentrate and nothing else

They were really smooth and although Sydney is two they would be perfect for weaning your baby. We gave some to a friend to try and her little boy who is one year old, loved them also.

Once again we were not disappointed by Rachel’s organics they seem to continuously produce wonderful tasting organic yogurts and have a great range.

Thank you for letting us taste your children’s range, there will always be a place in our fridge for them along with the big pots. For us “Grandad yogurts” are here to stay…we all love them!

Fore more information check out their website.






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Organix toddler meal / baby food review

Organix is a winner!!

Here at Baby-a we were sent a lovely box of goodies from Organix to review and they were put to the test by our very particular and honest toddler!

In the box we received an Organix tasty beef stew and dumplings toddler meal, Organix pack of ginger biscuits, Organix cheese puffs, 2 Organix oat and cereal bars and some mini cheese crackers

Tasty beef stew and dumplings;

Our two year old toddler is not one to shy away from his true feelings about things especially when it comes to food. He has a routine that he follows when new food is introduced to him. His first reaction is to say “no”, then he bats food away but after a little persuasion he proceeds to sniff the food items, if they pass the sniff test he then goes on the to eat the food which he will either spit out or say “ummmm” and carry on eating.

On this occasion we served this meal for lunch. It smelt really good and looked home made. There were plenty of vegetables mixed in with the meat and the dumplings were nice and soft. How would Sydney react??

…here goes we thought…we presented his meal in his bowl and put it down in front of him. He actually raised his eye brows, scooped some of it up with his fork and sniffed it. He then put it straight in his mouth and munched away…it was a hit!! He ate most of it, spitting out the odd carrot but over all he really seemed to love it. It was good to know that we were giving him wholesome organic food which was filling and that Sydney liked it!

The snacks:


We were already lovers of the Organix spicy tomato snacks so it was good to try the cheese and herb puffs for a change. Sydney also has a process of testing snacks. If we are in the house he tends to open the packet and pour them all over our rug, sniff them and if he likes them he will carry on eating them until they are all gone. If he is not a fan he just leaves them on the rug and moves on to doing something else, resulting in squashed stood on snacks for mummy and daddy to clear up!!

The cheese puffs, ginger biscuits and cheese biscuits did fairly well. The cheese puffs and ginger biscuits were poured, sniffed and eaten. The cheese crackers were sniffed, poured and half eaten and half stood on.

The only snacks that did not succeed in the Sydney tests were the cereal bars. He doesn’t really like oat bars anyway so it was unlikely that he would eat them, we did think however that it was worth a try but unfortunately they did not pass the sniff test so were instantly thrown away!

In summary the Organix toddler pack that we received was very much enjoyed by Sydney and we will definitely purchase the meals and snacks in the near future. The toddler meal portion size was perfect and it was a lovely tasty meal. The snacks were delicious and perfect for days out or for keeping toddler’s energy levels topped up.

Thank you Organix for letting us test your wonderful baby food products, we definitely recommend them to all toddlers out there!!

 For more information go to;

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Home made baby food and weaning


Weaning your baby is a lovely transition in your baby’s growth. Initially it is all about letting your baby experience new tastes and textures. You will find there will be a lot of trial and error but it is great fun never the less.

There are so many great options for introducing your little one to new foods. Supermarkets now have great ranges of organic baby purées which are great for when you are out and about or if you are short of time. They have some interesting mixes which really appeal to babies.

Purées can also be made at home, made in bulk and can be frozen. When we were weaning Sydney we used a combination of organic pouches and home-made purées and he liked both equally.

We started Sydney on baby rice mixed with formula then slowly introduced him to other purées.It took a few attempts with home-made purée to get the consistency right. We realized that if liquid was added that it made the purée a lot smoother. We left a little of the water that the carrots/vegetables were cooked in and added some orange or apple juice to the mix and it worked wonders!

Other fruits and vegetables we used were parsnip, butter-nut squash, broccoli, pears, apples, bananas and sweet potato. We would mix fruit and vegetables up and try different combinations, some worked and others were spat out!

Once we got to know which purées Sydney like we boiled up pans full of fruit/veg and put them in the freezer. For this ice cube trays can be used or you can buy specially design pots. We actually used a silicon cupcake tray as each section was the perfect amount needed!

It all got very messy but it was a great experience for us as parents and for Sydney, we all enjoyed it we hope you do too!

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Simple baby food for your baby -our tips

The key to making home made baby food is keeping it simple. You can start of with just one fruit or vegetable then as your baby gets used to the texture you can mix various fruit and vegetables.

Sydney’s favourite purée was carrot,apple and parsnip with orange juice added.

To make this purée we used;

3 Carrots

2 Parsnips

3 Apples

½ fresh orange juice

We chopped and boiled the carrots and parsnips in one pan. In a small frying pan we added chopped apple and a little water to cover and stewed the apples till soft. Once the fruit and veg were cooked they were all placed in a blender with a couple of the tablespoons of water that they were cooked in and the orange juice. The mixture was given a quick blast in the blender and that was that…ready to go. There would be enough to freeze so you would have ready made meals to hand.

We also tried other combinations to gradually introduce different tastes.

As Sydney got older we introduced meat into the purée, we mainly stuck to chicken at first. We would pan fry chicken breast, and add it with vegetables and put it in the blender. We also used organic baby stock cubes to some of the mixes and Sydney seemed to eat everything we gave him!

Other favourites were mince beef with vegetables and sweet potato with cod or salmon.

We tended not to freeze the foods that had meat or fish in just to be safe. We would cook them with the intention to be eaten straight away. When we gave Sydney fish we used to buy it from our local fish monger at the market and he would always cut us small pieces of boneless cod or Salmon.

For Sweet potato and Cod/Salmon we used:

Small portion of fish

1 large sweet potato

knob of butter

We pan fried the fish whilst boiling the chopped sweet potato. Once everything was cooked we mashed the potato with butter and added the fish and mashed it all together with a fork. This was so quick , simple and a dish Sydney loved.

Along with organic ready made pouches,Sydney soon was eating a wide range of foods.

*It is always important to check with your health visitor about which foods are safe for your baby as all children are different.

Let us know your recipe ideas, we would love to find out about the food your baby loves!

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