My Carry Potty Review- A day out at the national railway museum

We felt that our son Sydney was ready for potty training as he was very conscious of “wee wee’s” and “poo poo’s”. When having a house day we had been leaving him nappy free and when he needed the toilet he took himself off to get a nappy for mummy or daddy to put on him. With this in mind we thought that being able to review the My Carry Potty was perfect timing as using the potty would (we thought)be the next step.

We received the My Carry Potty from Cheeky Rascals and Sydney was very excited to open up the parcel.

He was very curious and inspected the potty with great intensity looking underneath it, playing with the handle and carrying it around. We opened it up for him where once again his curiosity emerged, his first reaction was to close the potty and try and work out the catch system so he could open it himself. We tried to get him to sit on it but he just kept closing it and saying “No”…great start we thought! The Potty also came with a lovely story book, chart and stickers as a reward for using the potty. Sydney loved the book and the stickers but we could not persuade him to sit on the potty!

We decided not to push it and leave it out for him to sit on at his own leisure. We had a day out planned with friends and their little ones of similar ages so we thought that this would be a great opportunity to show off the My Carry Potty and thought that if Sydney wasn’t ready to use the potty maybe one of his friends would.

The morning arrived of our big day out. We were packed to the brim with a picnic basket, nappies, spare clothes and wipes and we managed to squeeze  the Carry Potty under the pram. Friends were parking at our house and we were walking to the National Railway museum together. We heard their car pull up and looked out to find their little girl sitting on her potty on our drive. She was desperate after an hour drive…perfect … we knew what would be great to use …MY CARRY POTTY!

We joined our friends and presented the potty to them, they were happy to give it ago as their little girl was doing really well with her potty training.

The My Carry Potty was great and was used several times during the day, Sydney’s friend wouldn’t let go of it, after she had used it she insisted on carrying it around the railway museum. The potty looked great, it was discreet enough and held everything in. We tested it by giving it a good shake, we took turns in spinning it, tipping it and nothing leaked. It certainly amused us, with the children looking at us with a perplexed expression! The next task was emptying the potty. The clasp was rather stiff to undo and with some force ( but with fear of splash back) between two of us we were able to open it splash free!! We were unsure as to whether the stiffness of the clasp was due to the potty being brand new or whether it was part of the design to ensure that it did not  leak. Either way it wasn’t a major problem and after a few times opening and emptying the potty, it did get easier to open.

We thought that the My Carry Potty was such a great idea and all of our mummy and daddy friends were also in agreement.

We will continue our quest with Sydney and will certainly do a follow up review.

Thanks to Cheeky Rascals for letting us at Baby-A review an amazing product… MY CARRY POTTY.

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