Big hair, high heels and boob tubes!!

I was inspired to write this post after a reminiscent conversation with a very close friend and our reflection of uni days together. I was always told that I would find friends for life at uni and for me, this has certainly been very true! Fifteen crazy years after meeting our fondly named group of house mates “ scrat house girls” we still remain very good friends and have been through so much together. Birthdays, hen dos, weddings christenings, up and downs and general life.

University days


We were fully committed to the social side of university, the student nights out and being seen were the number one priority. We would scour Top Shop and Miss Selfridge’s for “rig-outs” with our student union cards to make sure we were dressed to impress, making sure we entered the clubs with a bang! High heels, big hair and boob tubes were the key looks, finished off with masses of glitter. We would enter the club early, straight to the bar and purchase ‘pound a pint’ snake bite and black or the vodka source/metz which seemed to dry and shrivel every bit of your insides up! As the night progressed and we got tired of waiting at the bar we would buy three or four drinks at at a time and line them up . Life was about dancing, drinking and having a great time “ forget about tomorrow as tonight we are drinking from the bottle”( Calvin Harris &Tinie Tempah) listening to this song flashed me back to those days where we never thought about tomorrow and we definitely lived for the moment.

We would dance away to Moloko, Ultra Nate and “I need a miracle” and sing all the way home at the top of our voices! Our favourite saying to justify everything was “ you are only young once” We were daft all of the time, a day wouldn’t go by without us rolling around on the floor crying with laughter, just getting

Posing in pyjamas!!

dressed up or being silly or taking the mickey out of someone. Life was about having fun and avoiding any sense of responsibility. Our only fear was of the TV licence man and we used to cover the TV up with a blanket when there was a random knock on the door!We lived off overdrafts, student loans or anything to scrape enough money together to go out.

Reflecting back, we realised how lucky we were to still be alive, as we used to get so drunk but always somehow made it back home unharmed! We have since spent hours giggling about our mad times together which brings us to now. All married, all with children and no avoiding responsibility. We always think about tomorrow as a hang over is too much to bare…how things change!

Slapdash’s PVC hen party

We all love our lives and our children and our husbands and wouldn’t change a thing but I think there is still a little bit of us that would love to be transported back to a day in the life of “scrat house”!

We know for a fact however, that once our children are teenagers that we will relive our youth, embarrassing our children with even bigger hair , tighter boob tubes and even higher heels and we can’t wait!!

Reunited “scrat house ” baby free mummy daytime get boob tubes in sight!!



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