Would you like a water birth?

The big day had finally arrived and true to form my contractions started at 11pm on my due date. I had gone over this scenario time and time again in my head and one of the things that I was certain of, was that I wanted to be as relaxed as possible. In the run up I had been reading a lovely book onMeditations for your pregnancy
and had been listening to the Ministry of Sound chillout album. In my mind I was ready and determined to face birth head on!

One thing I did fear was hospital and all that comes with it, the smell, ill people and my biggest fear needles!! As needles are my biggest phobia I had decided that no matter what, I did not want an epidural or any drugs injected in me for that matter!! The thought of a needle going into my spine scared me a lot more than child birth.

After a very sleepless night which was largely spent in the bath at home, it was finally time for me to go into the maternity ward. My husband and I were shown to a room where I was able to have gas and air straight away. The midwife suggested sitting on one of the large exercise balls to aide with stress on my back which I found was a comfortable position to be in. The contractions became very intense as I was getting closer but I was determined to keep it together. In my head I kept saying “one more contraction is one less contraction”, this was one of the meditation lines I had remembered from my book.

I felt a lot calmer and after about half an hour the midwife asked “would you like a water birth?” I hadn’t really thought about it but I quite liked the idea, so I decided to give the birthing pool a go!
The room seemed detached from the rest of the hospital, it was really relaxing and didn’t have that hospital smell, from the moment I got into the water I felt at ease. With Graham by my side holding my hand (not in the pool with me) I knew I could get through it. He handed me the gas and air when prompted and supported me throughout,he was amazing!

I entered the water at around 2.30 pm and gave birth at 5.27pm There was a slight moment where I felt like things were getting too much but I decided to keep going. Everything went smoothly. Sydney wasn’t distressed at any point and the birth was fairly straight forward. The midwife was great , she was very positive and I felt in safe hands with her.

For me this was a lovely experience and I would definitely recommend giving it a try. The water seemed to take away my back pain and it added a calmness to an otherwise stressful situation.
I also believe that your mind is such a powerful tool and if you can find away of keeping calm you can get through it. As mentioned music and meditation in the weeks running up were a great way to get my mind set and I felt it kept me in tune with my body.

I hope this helps anyone thinking of a water birth and I am happy to answer any questions you may have on the subject.


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  1. Sarah says:

    I wanted a water birth at first but then sorta went off the idea. But as it happened I ended up being induced and they had a csection so couldnt have one anyway

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